aflyingcontradiction :
It's really awesome that you're posting again. When I saw the date of your last picture, I was a little disappointed because I thought there wouldn't be any more beautiful pics for me to reblog from your tumblr, but now you're back and I'm all :D :D

Oooh thank you for the nice words :D

my life let me have a break, so of course I’m on the internet. lol

+ 04.25.2012

shedontusecheese :
why aren't you posting anything??? :(

I answered that question already.

+ 08.10.2011

juliehime-deactivated20130730 :
Is this blog abandoned?

Uh, not really. I’m working now so I don’t have much time anymore to shift through the internet.

Call it a “haitus”, IDK.

+ 08.08.2011 /

awesomebrainpowers :
Just so you know, the blog you linked to in your most recent post (the long-exposure takeoff pics: is identical to a blog that I linked to in my own post two days ago ( The blog I linked to (which I am in no way affiliated with) is damn near shot-for-shot the same, only it happened two days earlier. Your tumblr gets a LOT more traffic than mine, so I'm only mentioning it because I thought maybe you'd link to the original blog and direct some viewers their way. It's called Amusing Planet, and you can find it here:


and amusingplanet links to the original source. Thank you very much, I appreciate messages like this. :)
I’m going to edit the post in a minute here. 

+ 05.10.2011

Anonymous :
y u no update your beautiful blog?!

My body has been here, but my mind elsewhere. D:

take that however you want

+ 04.05.2011

finnsblog :
I noticed you like Adventure Time! Submit your favorite Adventure Time image and I will submit it!

Your powers of observation have failed you this time. I’ve never seen Adventure Time.

+ 03.08.2011

Props to those who made it(sorry don’t know who did)


Props to those who made it(sorry don’t know who did)

+ 02.07.2011

themistressmischief :
I love your blog, congrats on the 1 year mark. It always gives me such inspiration.
The fact that you posted dancing gifs of both Tennant and Barrowman in celebration of 1 yr of this awesome blog = You win the internet.


I love all the DW fans coming out to show love in that post. xD

+ 02.06.2011

07901908 :
did you take the jumprope pic? if you did - how?? slower shutter speed?

LOL no…

I didn’t take any of the pictures on fuckyeaheyegasms.

+ 02.04.2011

alexanderdegroot :
Hello! You have an awesome blog. Keep it up! :)


+ 01.31.2011